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Experienced and Dedicated Advisors

Experienced and Dedicated Advisors

Casino and Hospitality

We have a proven track record for success in Casino and Hotel operations as well as other economic development strategies. Our passion is to help tribal organizations succeed through realizing their potential.

Executive Coaching

A learning and development tool for Senior Executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Coaching can assist the individual in becoming more authentic making them better able to inspire, influence and motivate.

Deana Scott

“One of my greatest joys is to help leaders and organizations formulate their ideas, and turn them into reality. Guiding clients to a point where they exceed their expectations, and actualize their goals, makes me crazy happy.”

Deana Scott is a patented inventor, with over 20 years of casino resort executive management experience. She has spent her career in Tribal Gaming focusing in Operations, Marketing and Project Planning.

Experienced and Proven Reults

Proven Results

Dennis Conrad

President and Chief Strategist

Raving Consulting

“Your presentation at the Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference was organized, candid, entertaining and thought-provoking. Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom with the entire Indian Gaming Industry.”

Larry Close

General Manager

The Mill Casino

“Deana completely restructured our Players Club to increase rewards for our most valuable players. Her highly creative marketing programs based on extensive data research, helped greatly increase out-of-area market share.”

John Acres


Acres 4.0

“Deana’s seating concept is inventive and potentially revolutionary. I have seen no other product remotely like it!”

Featured Insight


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