TODGaming® chairs provide a more
comfortable and social gaming
experience, leading to increased
time on device and ultimately,
increased revenues.


Ideal for high limit areas, lounges
and waiting areas, TODGaming®
chairs have been specifically
designed to allow gaming operators
to bank games easily.


TODGaming® chairs uses 21st
century technology to enhance
player comfort and increase
operator efficiency, increasing spend
per player.

TOD Gaming LLC was established in 2010 to develop and market a new seated gaming chair and workstation. Current product offering has been awarded two design patents.


The Native American owned company is headquartered in North Bend, Oregon and will provide seating and design solutions for the casino industry. It will capitalize on the trend in portable electronic devices.

TODgaming LLC

Native Owned
North Bend, Oregon USA
E-mail: dscott@todgaming.com


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